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    Gerovital Plant is a new range of facial skin care products that are part of the cosmetics trend containing 91% to 98% natural origin ingredients, while also providing a natural microbial protection.
    Gerovital Plant
    Gerovital Plant

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    Found in all products in this line, the active ingredient, the Poliplant Microbiome Protect Complex, is composed of Equibiome and a natural plant complex from the Romanian flora.

    The microbiome is unique and specific to each individual and it is vital for a good skin metabolic functioning. It helps the immune system and protects the body against harmful bacteria. The skin is thus healthier and able to regenerate itself.

    Equibiome, a standardized extract of great burdock root (Arctium Lappa), cares for the fragile connections within the microbiome, prevents any imbalances therein, restores the skin homeostasis and optimizes the skin's barrier function.

    Chestnut seeds, butcher's-broom rhizomes, vine leaves and witch-hazel leaves, with a purifying, anti-inflammatory and epithelisant action, micro-capillary protection and micro-circulatory stimulating properties, all contribute to the elimination of toxins overnight and restore the skin's healthy and revitalized aspect.

    Embrace the power of nature with GEROVITAL PLANT:
    • Special formulas for the care of normal and combination skin.
    • Light cream structures that leave a fresh feeling on the skin.
    • All products in this line have multiple benefits.

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