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    Get salon quality results at home with Gerovital Equilibrium professional line:

    Vials with Hyaluronic Acid 10%
    benefits: powerful skin hydrator, great make-up primer
    ideal for: dryness, dehydration, lines and wrinkles, all skin types

    Vials with Collagen and Elastine 12%
    benefits: firmness and elasticity booster, younger, softer skin
    ideal for: loss of firmness, dry skin, lack of vitality, all skin types

    Retinol Vials
    benefits: fights free radical damage, radiant looking skin
    ideal for: wrinkled complexion, uneven skintone, loss of elasticity and firmness


    Use high-performing ingredients to revitalize your skin with Gerovital Luxury line:

    Miraculous oil for face
    benefits: preserves the skin firm and bright, nurtures the skin
    ideal for: dry complexion

    Youth maintaining mask
    benefits: purifies and invigorates all skin types
    ideal for: lack of vitality, dull skin

    Beautiful hand cream
    benefits: moisturising and nourising of the hand skin
    ideal for: rough, dry hands